Petroleum Equipment Contractor's Association

About PECA

Meeting The Challenge of Change

PECA member companies maintain an ongoing concern for the environment.   They are licensed professionals who adhere to all current federal and state regulations concerning storage tanks, assuring correct environmental practices in all dealings with the petroleum industry.

PECA conducts regular recertification programs for contractors on an ongoing basis assuring member companies maintain their professional edge.   We provide in-house training on key environmental and safety-related topics including OSHA 8-hour Hazwoper refresher training, Confined Space Entry and New Jersey DEP UST Regulation Update courses.

PECA provides member companies with training by equipment manufacturers and conducts workshops as regulatory changes emerge and industry practices evolve.

Training assures PECA members maintain the highest standards of professionalism, industry knowledge and reliability.

PECA members are certified professionals capable of evaluating environmental needs at your site.  Members can provide services including sample collection, laboratory analysis, disposal of soil and liquid contaminants and installation of monitoring wells and remediation systems.

PECA Contractors

Assure State-Of-The-Art Expertise And Safety For UST's

As environmental regulations continue to become complex, concern for a drug and alcohol-free work place and stringent OSHA regulations make the need for competent petroleum equipment contractors more important than ever.  Installation and servicing of UST's by trained, certified, professional PECA contractors assures that federal, state and local regulations are followed to the letter.

Plus, PECA contractors are experienced in the full range of equipment installation services; many members also supply a complete line of equipment and UST components.  In addition to UST owners and operators, other petroleum and chemical companies can rely on the trained, certified PECA contractor - not only for adherence to all safety and environmental regulations, but also for comprehensive petroleum and chemical industry knowledge and expertise.

PECA Solutions

Above Ground Solutions To Underground Problems

As concern has risen about the quality of our environment, industry interest in Above Ground Storage Tanks has also risen.  AST's are relatively easier to install and can provide greater environmental and economic benefits compared to UST's.

Licensed PECA contractors backed by broad industry experience and ongoing training, provide full-service expertise for building and installing AST's.  From design through construction, PECA contractors can handle every task.

PECA Code Of Ethics

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